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The Pantry

Alongside our many delicious cheeses and charcuterie we have a wide selection of accompaniments from across Wales and the Marches region as well as a few pantry essentials from continental Europe (Not all items are shown below).

Jams, Chutneys & Preserves

No cheese board is complete without a jar of good chutney. There is a fantastic array on offer from local producers, Paddock House, Miranda’s Preserves and Forage Fine Foods. We also stock what we consider the finest honey and maple syrup from Coedcanlas, on the Pembrokeshire coast.


Cold-pressed Welsh rapeseed oils from Blodyn Aur and Cotswold Gold available either pre-bottled or on tap. Manoli Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also available on tap if you are looking for a more distinct flavour. Take home the bottle and you can always bring it back to refill next time.

Salts & Seasoning

Ahoy there! Capture the unique tastes of the Welsh seashore with Anglesey sea salt and laverbread biscuits from The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company and Halen Môn. For local seasoning take home and sample a herb rub from Forage Fine Foods.

A Taste of Europe

Our Mediterranean selection is always evolving as we bring together our favourite products from across the continent. Conjure up an authentic Spanish risotto or classic dish from Italy with our select pastas, grains and sauces.

Breads, Biscuits & Flour

Lovely hand-made breads are available from Peter Cook Breads, an award-winning bakery set in the Malvern Hills. There is also a wide range of cheese biscuits from CradocsArtisan Biscuits and The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company.

For those more adventurous in the kitchen we have a selection of flours and bread kits from Talgarth Mill.

Tea & Coffee

Method Roastery, based deep in the heart of the Marches select the finest coffee from independent farmers and co-operatives across the globe in order to supply their freshly-roasted speciality coffees. Whilst Chantler Teas’ selection of ethically-sourced loose leaf teas provide the high standards we Brits have come to expect from our cuppa. Why not start your day with a cup of The Marches Breakfast Tea?

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